Vol. 5 Num 669 Mon. April 17, 2006  

Our apology to readers

Dear readers, opening the newspaper you must have been first taken by surprise, then by anger. The second Test between Bangladesh and Australia has got underway in Chittagong on Sunday, but no coverage on that.

Dear readers, we beg your apology for this. In fact, we have been forced to deprive you. We too love cricket as much as you do. But to protest the medieval barbarism that police carried out on the journalists, we did not have any way out other than this.

It was not possible for us to file reports while fellow journalists languished in hospital, victims of brutal police assault. To protest this unjust police torture the journalists immediately held a meeting and decided to boycott the Bangladesh-Australia series until the incident was fairly investigated and the guilty police officials were punished. All the national newspapers of the country, local newspapers in Chittagong and all private television channels will carry only the scoreboard of the series. We sincerely feel sorry for the readers for this inconvenience. At the same time we hope that you will also stand by us in this protest by perceiving the whole situation from a pragmatic standpoint.

Dear readers, to go by the unanimous decision taken by our fellow journalists in Chittagong, we are also not publishing our regular column "Akram Inswinger".

BLOODY CRICKET! Mediamen (L) stage a sit-in in the middle of the Chittagong Divisional Stadium to protest police atrocity before the start of the second Test on Sunday. A bleeding Anurup Titu (R) of Dainik Purbokon is being taken off the scene after he was hit in the head by police. PHOTO: STAR