Vol. 5 Num 687 Sat. May 06, 2006  

Dr Kamal calls for greater unity against corruption

Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain yesterday urged political parties, civil society members and student organisations to form a greater unity against corruption.

"It's high time to be united for establishing a better parliamentary democracy, rule of law, successful parliament and violence-free university campus that we all want," said Dr Kamal while addressing a conference of Jatiya Chhatra Dhara, a student front, at the Teachers Students Centre (TSC) of Dhaka University (DU).

He said a restless situation has been prevailing everywhere across the country due to corruption and terrorism practised by some dishonest public leaders who have grabbed all facilities illegally.

"To establish a better democratic country that people dreamt for, we should have open discussions among the political parties, student organisations and professional bodies to find out possible solutions of prevailing crisis," Dr Kamal said.

"We should be sincere enough to create suitable environment for discussions among us for the sake of the country despite having differences in political ideology," said the eminent jurist recalling the glorious history of the movement to oust an autocratic government in 1990 when all politicians, teachers, students and professionals were united to establish a parliamentary form of government.

"We need a fruitful parliament where productive discussions will be held on all issues like economic condition, political crisis, law and order, and campus situation to strengthening country's democracy," Dr Kamal added.

Chaired by Jatiya Chhatra Dhara President Monjur Ahmed, the conference was also addressed by Gono Forum Joint General Secretary Engineer Abul Kashem, DU teacher Tanjim Uddin Khan and Habibur Rahman Bhuiyan, father of slain Buet student Sabekunnahar Sony.