Vol. 5 Num 689 Mon. May 08, 2006  

Exports grow 19pc in nine months

The country's overall exports grew by US$ 1199.12 million or 18.98 percent in the first nine months of the current financial year, riding on continuous good performance by knitwear products.

During the July-March period of 2005-06 fiscal year, exports fetched $ 7517.40 million, which was $ 6318.28 million during the corresponding period of last fiscal, according to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) statistics.

Knitwear products continued to maintain robust growth, posting a 30.80 percent rise. Knitwear items during the period earned $ 2683.03 million against $ 2051 million during the same period of the last financial year.

Export of woven garments had also been able to maintain a moderate growth during July-March period of FY06, fetching $ 2965.04 million, up by 10.77 percent over the corresponding period of last fiscal.

According to Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), knitwear exports saw a regular rise in some major markets after quota phase-out from January last year.

Exporters hoped the trend will continue in the coming months. Besides, the BKMEA has embarked on an aggressive campaign in some major markets including the US to increase income from this sector.

Knitwear apart, export earnings from leather, raw jute, frozen food, petroleum by-products, textile fabrics, bicycle and computer services recorded growth during July-March period of the current fiscal year.

Export of jute goods, footwear, electronics, chemical products, ceramic tableware and leather bags and purses was more than that of last fiscal, but failed to achieve the target.

Earnings from agro-processing food, vegetables and melamine tableware recorded negative growth during the July-March period while earnings from home textile, tea and handicrafts declined during the same period.

Frozen food exports amounted to $ 328.07 million during July-March period of FY06, up by 0.25 percent over the same period of FY05.

Jute goods fetched $ 268.95 million during the same period of current fiscal, recording a 19.12 percent growth.

Earning from leather products was $ 181.88 million during the nine-month period, marking a 14.50 percent growth over the same period of last fiscal.

Chemical products worth $ 137.0 million were exported during this period of current fiscal year, marking a 13.20 percent rise.