Vol. 5 Num 689 Mon. May 08, 2006  

djuice Lifestyle Fair begins in Chittagong

A two-day fair titled 'djuice Lifestyle Fair', the second of its kind after the first one held in Dhaka, will begin here in the port city today.

The fair focusing on the young people and their tastes will offer entertainment programmes including sports, music, fun and most of all the lifestyle of youth under one roof, says a press release.

djuice, a brand of Grameen Phone, organised the fair to be held at the convention centre of the hilltop community - the King of Chittagong, at 9:15am.

Tactical and non-tactical partners of djuice will have their stalls in the fair where the organisers will offer djuice connection, mobile sets, mobile contents like ring tones and wall papers as well as clothes, sports accessories and foods to djuice extra card holders at a special discount, said the sources.

In the fair, there will be different events like games, gifts and fire spinning while popular band group LRB and 10 d-rock stars will perform in the musical concert, they added.