Vol. 5 Num 689 Mon. May 08, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Enjoying cricket

I enjoy cricket more than I can say. I have kept myself engaged in enjoying cricket for the last 46 years.

In 1970/71, when we all were engaged in fighting for independent Bangladesh, I did dream of an independent Bangladesh and wished I could listen to cricket commentary for Bangladesh playing in a Test match! So the biggest desire ever I had in my mind has been fulfilled by the grace of Him.

Having seen & enjoyed the 2nd Test match played between Bangladesh & Australia at Chittagong, I can say for sure that our boys playing cricket have skill, potential & ability to come very close to drawing the match, if not winning. But the way our boys ended the play tells us a different story, which needs to be seriously addressed for improvement.

Well, if I have a team consisting of talented players like ours in order to play a Test match, I will be telling my boys the following --

There is no other match / matches called " Test Match". This nomenclature evolved from the very concept of testing each other or in other words, bowlers test the batsmen & batsmen test bowlers. In view of this concept there is no scope for a batsman to chase the score rather the score (runs) should chase the batsman. The prime job of the batsman is to remain in occupation of the crease. He should play to the merit of the ball & not to the emotion of the crowd or the size of the scoreboard. While playing a batsman must know that his target is to either win or draw the match but not to lose by making wild shots and throwing away his wicket.

A Test player deserves huge applause if he gets out for a duck facing an unplayable ball, but should not get applause if he gets out even after making a big score by making a wild shot or repeating a mistake.

My player selection criteria would mainly be based on an "Analytical Report" showing how a player got out in his past matches / innings and whether he repeated the same mistake more than once and so on. And if a player was found to be consistent in getting out through making the same mistake, it would mean that he was unable to improve & needs to be sidelined.

I would like to say that my team members would need to clearly and separately understand the concept of both Test & ODI cricket in order to have the right frame of mind, because 80% of cricket is played in the mind!