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Japan moves to save Lankan peace bid
India wary of push for its peace broker role
A senior Japanese envoy began talks with government officials yesterday to try to save Sri Lanka's peace process as Tamil rebels said troops abducted eight men in the island's north.
Iran's Nuke Standoff
US ready for UN vote with or without Russia, China
The United States said Saturday it was prepared to bring a UN resolution on Iran's nuclear programme to a vote with or without Russia and China's support but was still seeking to bridge differencesand
Nepali Maoists seek early peace talks
Nepal's Maoist rebels are keen to hold early talks with the new government to help end a decade-old insurgency aimed at overthrowing the Hindu monarchy, rebel chief Prachanda said in remarks published
al-Qaeda appeals for ousting Musharraf
A leaflet urging Pakistanis to rise against military ruler Pervez Musharraf was distributed in the volatile tribal district near the Afghan border yesterday, residents said.
Israeli cops evict Hebron settlers
Israeli police stormed a Palestinian house in the West Bank city of Hebron on Sunday to evict Jewish settlers accused of squatting there in an early test for the new government of Prime Minister EhudOlmert.
Indians swelter in power outages
As Indians swelter in the first big power blackouts of summer, they have the uncomfortable knowledge it is only going to get worse in the hot months ahead in the electricity-starved nation.
UN official in Nepal offers help for peace
A senior United Nations diplomat, who is in Nepal to meet political leaders and congratulate them on the restoration of democracy, said Sunday that the UN wanted to help in any peace process.
Millions to vote in last leg of Indian state polls
Millions are set to vote today in the final phase of elections to five state assemblies, which are seen as a referendum on the federal government as it approaches two years in power.
Thai court ruling may end political crisis
One of Thailand's most powerful courts is to rule today on whether to nullify controversial polls that could end a months-long political crisis that led Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to step aside.
Nepali royal massacre may come under fresh probe
Activists in Nepal are demanding a fresh probe into the mysterious shootout in Narayanhity Palace in 2001 that killed 10 members of the royal family, including the king, queen and crown prince.

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