Vol. 5 Num 689 Mon. May 08, 2006  

al-Qaeda appeals for ousting Musharraf

A leaflet urging Pakistanis to rise against military ruler Pervez Musharraf was distributed in the volatile tribal district near the Afghan border yesterday, residents said.

It came a day after another leaflet, containing statements purportedly from al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, was distributed in the same region -- North Waziristan tribal district -- calling for Musharraf's assassination.

Saturday's leaflet sought the support of tribal people to defeat the United States and Pakistani troops battling pro-Taliban insurgents in the tribal regions.

"I pray to Allah almighty to bring down his wrath on Bush, Pervez and their armies and bestow a chance for someone from the ranks of faithful to kill this slave (Musharraf) of Bush," the purported Bin Laden statement said.

Written in Urdu, it bears the signature "Mujahiden Emirate-e-Islamia Afghanistan" and was distributed in the towns of Mir Ali and Miranshah, residents said.