Vol. 5 Num 694 Sat. May 13, 2006  
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City swells in anger at water, power crises

People across the city are seething at the persistent water and power crises, and locals of different areas have started taking to the streets and demonstrating against the misery, following the lead of Shanir Akhra.

The residents of Maghbazar yesterday demonstrated for uninterrupted supply of water and power while those of Mirpur and Lalbagh are learnt to be preparing for demonstrations in their areas today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Demra-Shyampur Sangram Parishad yesterday held meetings in different areas to mobilise people in its campaign for water and power.

It also formed three volunteer committees at Shyampur, Jurain and Palashpur.

Some three hundred locals in Maghbazar yesterday brought out a procession, demanding adequate water and power supplies. The processionists carrying lanterns marched through different lanes in the neighbourhood and held a rally on Chairmanbari playground at 5:00pm.

At the rally, the residents spoke of immense sufferings stemming from acute crises of water and power since last month.

"We experience load-shedding a couple of times during daytime and at least three times at night," said a local.

The HSC examinees are the worst affected as their preparations for the exam are being severely hampered due to power shortages, said a father of a candidate.

The people of Mirpur expressed the same sentiment. They alleged that the water shortage has been plaguing different areas including Barabagh, Manipur, and Senpara Parbata for the last two years.

"I was forced to move to a new house as there was no water for one and a half months at a stretch in the area I was living," said a lawyer.

Electricity goes off at least seven times during the day and at least four times at nighttime, paralysing normal life in the neighbourhoods.

The Parishad yesterday held meetings and distributed leaflets at Baitus Salam Mosque, Nur Baitul Aman, Paterbgh New Mosque, Baitul Islam and Baitul Fala mosques at Dania.

"Although water situation seems to have improved with the army distributing water among the locals, load-shedding remains a huge problem," said the Parishad convenor Moslehuddin Masud.

The committee will continue until May 18 its campaign for 10-point demand that includes permanent solutions to water and power crises in Shyampur-Demra area. It will declare further programmes at a rally scheduled for May 19.

Tubewells connected to Wasa supply lines at Pater Bagh in Demra in the city produce filthy water adding to the woe of the water crisis. PHOTO: STAR