Vol. 5 Num 694 Sat. May 13, 2006  
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4 electrocuted in city

Four people, including a father and son, were electrocuted at Shyampur and Sutrapur in the capital within a span of 13 hours, ending at 8:30am yesterday.

Police said all the victims were killed as they came in contact with live electric wires snapped by storm on Thursday night.

Mohammad Russell, 26, was electrocuted as his hand touched a fallen electric wire at their house at Boubazar in Shyampur area at around 9:30pm on Thursday.

Russell's father Abdul Majid, 55, was also electrocuted when he came to rescue Russell.

Russell and his father were rushed to a local clinic where doctors declared them dead.

Yesmin Akhter, 20, was electrocuted as she came in contact with a live electric wire at her house at East Jurain in Shyampur at 7:15pm on Thursday.

In Sutrapur, Mohammad Ishaq, 28, an employee of a vegetable shop at Shyambazar, was electrocuted as he touched a live electric wire at 7:30am yesterday.

Locals took both Yesmin and Ishaq to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) where doctors declared them dead.