Vol. 5 Num 694 Sat. May 13, 2006  

Mugging on rise in Uttara

The incidences of mugging are on rise at Uttara in the city as local police allegedly are not playing their due role.

The muggers travel by Pajero, private cars and motorbikes. Their targets are women, businessmen and journalists, sources said.

Professional muggers and new breed of muggers join together in their operation.

They throng Uttara from Sayedabad, Mirpur, Jatrabari, Mahakhali, Mohammadpur, Tongi, Gazipur, Savar and Ashulia of the capital, sources added.

Police sources said more than one hundred mugging incidents took place in the area in the last 14 months. They arrested about 14 to 15 muggers.

Police seized several vehicles of muggers, including two private cares and two CNG auto-rickshaws.

Journalist HM Hemaet Hossain, president of Uttara Reporters' Club, was attacked by the muggers on Shahmakhdum Avenue at Uttara sector no 12 on April 14.

Another journalist, Md Abu Taher, president of the Tongi Reporters' Unity, was mugged on Rabindra Sarani at Uttara sector no-7 on March 14.

Separate cases were field with Uttara Police Station in this connection.

A gang of muggers held businessman Ruhul Amin,35, at gunpoint in front of Uttara High School on March 28. They snatched from him about Tk 14,000 and his mobile phone.

Some days ago about 15 to 20 bhoris of gold were mugged of a sister of local Awami League leader in front of Rajlaxmi Market at Uttara sector no 3.