Vol. 5 Num 694 Sat. May 13, 2006  

Cry for water, power can't be suppressed
AL leader Noor tells Mymensingh rally

Central Awami League (AL) leader Asaduzzaman Noor yesterday said the BNP-led four party alliance government has no right to stay in power as it has failed to resolve any of people's problems and ensure their basic needs.

The sooner the government quits the better it will be for the people, he said while addressing a public meeting at Pudunbari High School ground in Muktagacha yesterday. Organised by Mankon union AL, the rally was addressed by, among others, AL leaders Mahbubul Haque Shakil, advocate Badar Ahmed, Ahsan Md Azad, Billal Hossain Sarker, Rasheda Mohiuddin and Abdus Sabur Sarker. Local AL leader Rafiqul Islam Bahadur was in the chair.

Noor said people are now agitating for power and water, two prime basic needs, while prices of other essentials have gone beyond their reach.

In many urban areas, residents are preparing to launch agitation like in Kansat and Demra in Dhaka city. Instead of looking in their grievances, the government is arresting opposition party men to foil their agitation. This is unfortunate. The government will not be able to control agitation for water and power by repression, he said.

Failing in all sectors, the BNP-Jamaat government has hatched a conspiracy to cling to power by preparing a fake voter list and rigging the next parliamentary election. People have already rejected the fake voter list and will not allow holding of a farcical election, the actor turned politician said.

The government has prepared the fake voter list as it knows it will not return to power if a fair election is held with a correct voter list, Noor said.

The central AL publicity secretary reiterated his party's claim that there will not be any election in the country without reforms to the caretaker system and the Election Commission.

But the government is unwilling to go for the proposed reforms, which is apparent from its dilly-dally tactics, he alleged.

Noor also came down heavily on the government for sheltering Islamist militants, who are out to create a chaotic situation in the country to fish in troubled waters, he alleged.

"Mere nabbing of militants will not free the country from terrorism. Their protectors in the government have to be nabbed and tried", he said.

Noor said Islamic militance are shelter by a partner in the ruling coalition. Unless their godfathers are identified a arrested bomb blasts will not stop.

He also alleged that ruling party men including some ministers have amassed huge resources illegally. They should declare their assets to allow holding of an elkection ensure before the next election to ensure a polls free from use of money and muscle power.

He said prices of essentials are being increased by organised syndicates under the shelter of ruling party men but the government is not taking any action.

He urged the people to unite and intensify the on-going agitation to dislodge the failed government.