Vol. 5 Num 694 Sat. May 13, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Double standard in politics

Few years back Awami League had closely worked on a common platform along with Jamaat for anti-government movement. In fact it is AL who have virtually rehabilitated them in the organisational politics. Now when a vital issue of national interest has arised and needs a dialogue between the two major parties, AL and the 14 parties have come up with an excuse. They have already closely worked with the anti-liberation forces and morally cannot say what they are saying now. Does not it boil down to the fact that their only intention is actually to break the 4-party alliances? In a political culture one can always take a stance to break the unity of the opponents but not with the pretext of a lame cause. I hope the 14-party alliances will come out of their lame excuse and help the process of dialogue to be on.