Vol. 5 Num 695 Sun. May 14, 2006  
Letters to Editor

On 'Stoic bliss'

Recently the music veteran 'G Series' has brought out 'Light Years Ahead', a hip-hop album in both mixed up English and Bengali from a US based band 'Stoic Bliss'. Almost all the tracks sound tremendously cool with raps in Bangla and I welcome them for taking up such an innovative move. But the last track entitled 'Bloopers' really has some shocking bloopers inside that I find a little pathetic to listen to. It actually is a track with some informal conversations of the band members. There are some remarks on the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. All they said about him was totally devoid of respect.

Very little did they care about the greatness of Tagore. The new generation singers have to be a little more careful on this type of 'Bloopers', or else the young listeners won't learn that the all time greats are not people to crack jokes on.