Vol. 5 Num 700 Fri. May 19, 2006  

Tania Ahmed
Doing the balancing act

Tania Ahmed was in the genre of those models that changed the look of the Bangladeshi modeling scene. She was never interested in a modeling career until one day a friend came over and while going through some plain old photographs of hers asked whether she had thought about a modeling career. This friend took those same photographs to Afzal Hossain who in turn called her for an audition.

However, even though a month had lapsed there was no further news from him which didn't surprise her much. Tanya was convinced she wasn't cut out for modeling. Finally, one day Afzal called her and asked her to model for Diamond Hair Oil. Apparently he was mesmerised by her facial expressions. Admits Tania, "Though the quality of my hair wasn't very good, Afzal Bhai's confidence in me encouraged me to go forward." There wasn't a single retake in the advertisement, remembers Tania.

However, for this versatile personality modeling was not enough. At the peak of her career, she left modeling and plunged into the world of acting. She remembers one lazy afternoon when Mou, Pallab, Sweety, Nobel and a couple of other friends were simply hanging out, Afzal entered the scene and asked them who they thought would be a good TV actress. It was the time when package serials were just round the corner. Laughingly he himself answered, "this monkey will do well," pointing finger at Tania. "Afzal Bhai has always fondly referred to me as the 'monkey'," confides Tania. Lo and behold, the prophecy came true and since then Tania has acted in innumerable TV serials which we are all familiar with. She went on to act on the big screen and impressed not only Bangladesh but also a section of the western world with her critically acclaimed movie Shyamol Chhaya. She has also acted in Mustafa Sarwar Faruqi's Made in Bangladesh and a short film called Biswaronner Nodi.

She further got involved with choreography and has worked in a number of programmes. Among modeling, acting and choreographing, Tania enjoys choreographing the most as it allows her to express herself creatively. Being a choreographer means deciding and coordinating, not only the movements, but the entire dress code, makeup and stage set up. "It's like a mother nurturing her new born baby. She is in charge of its every little detail. The end feeling is utterly gratifying."

On answering which one of the three she finds most challenging, Tania says, "In an advertisement, one has to explain the whole story in seconds. That is very challenging indeed. In the case of acting, maintaining a certain standard throughout each serial and fulfilling fans' expectation is pretty demanding. As far as choreography is concerned, it requires creative thinking which is equally challenging," elaborates Tania.

Commenting on her husband SI Tutul's (ex guitarist of LRB and famed music composer) opinion of her acting skills, Tania explains "We're both great admirers of each other's work. While he loves my serials and watches each one, I love his music." According to her, it would have been impossible to reach the heights she has, without the support of her family. Her mother-in-law is one of her ardent fans.

Tania believes dedication and self-confidence along with patience is essential to be established and remain at the top. This multi-faceted talent wants to direct music videos someday.

Photo Courtesy: Rong