Vol. 5 Num 702 Sun. May 21, 2006  
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Maniac mother

A mother sacrificed her beloved son to satisfy the wish of a Pir only for securing peace and plenty in her temporal life.

The horrendous act of bigotry was committed yesterday morning at Nagarpar village in Muradnagar upazila by the wife of a man who is doing job abroad for the well-being of his family--wife and three children.

Police and local people said Amena, wife of expatriate Shyam Miah, slaughtered her two-year-old son Mamun in compliance with an edict she got from her Pir in dream on Friday night.

Amena, said to be a disciple of Kala Shaheed Pir of Akhaura in Brahmanbaria district, went to her sister-in-law's house at Nagarpar from Kulubari on Friday along with her son Mamun.

On that night, she dreamt of her religious guru telling her to sacrifice one of her children for leading a 'peaceful and happy life'.

"Amena slit the throat of her son at about 8:00am and sat in front of the body-unmoved by the harrowing scene," says a firsthand account of the tragedy.

"She didn't seem insane," police said, when contacted.

Informed by Amena's sister-in-law, police rushed to the spot and arrested the killer mother.

Amena reportedly confessed to killing her son. "My son was martyred like Hasan and Hussain," she was quoted as telling the policemen during interrogation.

Body of the slaughtered boy was sent to hospital morgue for autopsy.