Vol. 5 Num 717 Sun. June 04, 2006  

'Introduce national ID card to curb terrorism, corruption'

Speakers at a roundtable yesterday called for introducing 'national identity card' to combat terrorism, check corruption and ensure smooth functioning of the state.

The proposed ID card should have all necessary information and it is important for personal identity, national security and building national confidence, they said.

The roundtable on 'the Importance of National Identity Card for Good Governance' was organised by the Main Roaders, an NGO, at the National Press Club.

Speaking at the roundtable, Law Minister Moudud Ahmed said a new law should be enacted before introducing the ID card. It is essential not for good governance but for an organised social structure, he said.

"Under the present context, holding of a free and fair election through an accurate voter list is a big challenge for the nation," Moudud said an urged all to work unitedly to achieve this objective.

The minister said the pre-conditions for good governance such as constitution, democratic government, elected parliament, independence of judiciary, vibrant private sector and freedom of the press are already existing in the country.

The daily Inquilab Managing Editor Harunur Rashed presented the concept paper.