Vol. 5 Num 717 Sun. June 04, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Why should they call it weird?

There was news about Bangladesh in an Australian newspaper in the "WEIRD" news category. The news was like this "Students of a university in Bangladesh (BUET!) seized the office of the VC and won over him in a bid to postpone any exams until after the World Cup Soccer Final." Earlier the University rejected students' call to postpone the exams due to the World Cup. Later, the university authorities decided to suspend the classes until the end of the soccer tournament. The last line of the news was, "However, Bangladesh failed to qualify for the World Cup Final."

This year Australia are going to be in the World Cup after 24 years and for the second time in history. Australians are just more than mad about this. I was near the MCG last Thursday a hour before the warm-up match between Australia and Greece, I saw their madness and people rushing towards the MCG like crazy; they are more crazy about sports than we Bangladeshis are, still the above event in Bangladesh appeared to be weird to them!