Vol. 5 Num 717 Sun. June 04, 2006  

Bangladesh Film Institute
Yet another private organisation enters the field of filmmaking

Till date there is no full-fledged government institution to provide academic curriculum on filmmaking in Bangladesh. The National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMCO) offers one-year certificate course and a few workshops, while a few private universities offer a bachelor's degree on filmmaking. In this scenario, through the welcome initiative of renowned filmmaker Tanvir Mokammel, the Bangladesh Film Institute (BFI), is offering courses on filmmaking.

Elaborating on this development, Mokammel said, "I'm the director of the organisation as well as the course. Earlier we offered only a film appreciation course. But now we have chalked out an elaborate curriculum. After completing film appreciation courses on film history, filmmaking, cinematography, editing, film language, art direction, acting and so on, the successful students will be offered courses on practical implementation of the theoretical aspects.

"Students will make films in both 35 mm and digital formats. Each of them will make a short film in 35 mm format as well as a feature and documentary film in digital format."

Besides Tanvir, Manzar-e-Hassin Murad, Azad Rahman, Uttam Guho Tauquir Ahmed and others will teach in their respective field of expertise. Tanvir said, "The teachers will guide the students during filmmaking."

Mokammel further asserted that BFI has limitations at present, but it would take an institutional form within few years and produce quality filmmakers-- despite a lack of initiative at the government level.

Tanvir Mokammel