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The unbearable headache

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In today's stressful life headache is one of the most frequent discomforts. Lots of us suffer from terrible headache during or after day-work. Sometimes people getting recurrent headache doubts whether it is a migraine or not! Undoubtedly migraine is one of the worst headaches. In fact, all headaches are not migraine. Although most of the times it is a simple problem; but, in some cases the headache could be a serious issue as it can be the pointer of some major problem. Neuro-scientists have found that migraine affects about 17 percent female and 6 percent of the male population. It is thought that more women suffer from migraine than men due to hormonal factors.

Nausea or vomiting associated with most throbbing or dull aches are the usual clinical features of a migraine headache. It could be also associated with sensation of seeing zigzags of light. People having migraine often feel tingling on the face or at times diplopia (double vision) or something which varies from person to person. The duration may subsist from one to two hours. It is irregular in nature and common in young to middle-aged adults. The headache worsens with bright light, noise and tension.

So a sound sleep in a dark room can help you. People with migraine should take the medication right away prescribed by their doctors; as it is easier to manage the headache before it starts.

During migraine the blood vessels in the head become very sensitive, causing severe pain. If this headache is not relieved by temporary relief analgesic drugs like aspirin or paracetamol or if it persists for over two weeks -- it is always advisable to contact a doctor. Some Neurologists in the west put patients (who have been taking analgesics for years and suffer from chronic headache that bounce back or migraine in nature) on a slow intravenous drip containing a local anaesthetic to help break the cycle. But in any case if the headache starts suddenly along with pain and stiffness in the neck and feeling of weakness in a particular part of the body, this is a very serious condition.

Scientists thinks that migraine headache begins as a disturbance in the electrical activity in the brain, which causes changes in the brainstem and the trigemino-vascular system.