Vol. 5 Num 718 Mon. June 05, 2006  
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Deadline over, Saifur yet to announce decision

Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman did not announce his "final decision" about resignation from the party although his three-day deadline ended yesterday.

The rift between Saifur and lawmaker Ilyas Ali over the leadership in Sylhet BNP remains unsettled as no open reconciliation took place between them.

However, supporters of both Saifur and Ilyas said they will refrain from any further agitation until end of the budget session of parliament beginning June 7.

Leaders close to the finance minister said that the minister is now busy with the task of national budget, which will be placed in parliament on June 8. Yesterday he attended several meetings on budget at the Planning Commission.

"The finance minister will clear his position at a reception for him at Sylhet next week," a BNP leader told The Daily Star.

Sources said supporters of both the leaders want to show their strength at local level after the budget session is over.

On May 28, the BNP high command abolished Sylhet BNP convening committee in the wake of conflicts between Saifur and Ilyas. Sources said Tarique Rahman, senior joint secretary general of BNP, backs Ilyas in party politics.