Vol. 5 Num 769 Wed. July 26, 2006  

Nagorik Natyangan Ensemble's upcoming production
Khanchar Bhitor Achin Pakhi

Talking about his upcoming play, Jamaluddin Hossain, playwright-director of Khanchar Bhitor Achin Pakhi, said, "It's a satire on the misuse of religion for personal interests." The play comes to the audience under the aegis of Nagorik Natyangan Ensemble.

The storyline of Jamaluddin's play is very simple and contemporary: Moulana Abul Kalam gives explanations on different religious issues. He even receives invitations from private TV channels to participate in talk shows on Islam. However, Moulana Kalam does not uphold all the doctrines of Islam in his personal life.

Jamal said, "This is my first original play. Earlier, I've translated and adapted foreign plays. In the team meeting related to the new production, the activists of Nagorik Natyangan Ensemble requested me to produce a light play. But, we failed to collect any suitable comedy on contemporary issues. That's why I've written Khanchar Bhitor Achin Pakhi. In the comedy I've featured many issues such as polygyny, oppression on women in the name of religion and other related subjects. However, my intention is not to offend anybody."

Jamal's approach to the play is also quite simple. To quote him, "I wanted to educate people through entertainment. The major characters including the protagonist and antagonist will be performed by the young activists of the troupe.

"Under my guidance, Iqbal Hossain has designed the set. Thandu Raihan is the light designer and Golam Sarwar is the music composer of the play."

Nagorik Natyangan Ensemble will stage Khanchar Bhitor Achin Pakhi on August 5 at the Experimental Theatre Stage.

Actors rehearsing for the play