Vol. 5 Num 777 Thu. August 03, 2006  

'Kabuliwala' comes alive on celluloid
Based on Rabindranath Tagore's short story, the film Kabuliwala will be released on August 4 at movie theatres, says a press release. The film is directed by Kazi Hayat and produced by Impress Telefilm Ltd.

The classic story focuses on fatherly love that surpasses all barriers. Kabuliwala, a simple Afghan trader comes to Bengal to sell dry fruits and nuts for living. Like others of his community, Rahmat, otherwise known as Kabuliwala, is also a moneylender.

In Mini, a little girl, he finds the image of his own daughter, Rabeya. A father-daughter relationship develops surpassing the barriers of language and culture. Kabuliwala often brings gifts for Mini and 'Khoki' as he affectionately calls Mini waits eagerly for him. One day Rahmat disappears and it is later discovered that he has been imprisoned for murder. Years later, he is released and comes to visit Mini believing that she still waits for his gifts. But in course of time Mini has changed a lot and seems alien to him.

The film features Dighi, Manna, Subrato, Doyel and others in lead roles.

Child artiste Dighi(C) seen with Manna (R) and Subrato in the film