Vol. 5 Num 785 Fri. August 11, 2006  

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Nargis Akhter's latest venture 'Megher Koley Roud'

The release of the movie Megher Koley Roud will mark the return of director Nargis Akhter to the Bangladeshi movie circuit.

The film is a sequel to her award-winning Meghla akash. Megher Koley Roud features the ignorance, fear, stigma, discrimination in public and at workplace that hit those afflicted by HIV/AIDS and their legal battles in search of retribution.

The film stars popular actors Riaz, Popy and TV star Tony Dayes. Certain portions of the film have already been shot in Malaysia and shooting is currently underway in Bangladesh. During the 20-day round the clock shooting in Malaysia, the unit travelled to several locations, including Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Penang Batu Ferringhi Beach, Penang Dam, KL Tower, Lake Garden, Twin Towers, National Monument, shopping malls and cultural sites.

Talking about her experience, Nargis says, "A movie should be entertaining but at the same time can be realistic, informative and thought provoking. Malaysia is a fascinating place. The people are full of life and very hospitable. It seemed logical that I start my film there, as I understand the place well. It was indeed a matter of pride to have, Siti Faridah Hj Arshad, Penang State Assembly Woman of the Country personally visit the sets of my film and give our unit a hearty reception.

"The film will be a light-hearted, romantic, and family entertainer. I am also making sure the music of my movie catches the attention of the listeners. I hope that this film would not just cater to the taste of Bangladeshi audience but the international audience as well," she added.

The film will be completed soon and released in December.

Popy and Riaz in a scene from the movie