Vol. 5 Num 795 Mon. August 21, 2006  
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Aug 21 Attack
Hasina says govt didn't carry out proper probe

The government did not carry out proper investigation to bring persons responsible for the August 21, 2004 grenade attack to justice after repeated demands from both national and international quarters and staged a mockery of investigation instead, Leader of the Opposition Sheikh Hasina said yesterday.

"We wanted proper investigation, justice and punishment to the criminals. We wanted an international investigation to stop recurrence of such heinous attacks, but the government has made the investigation a total farce," Hasina, also the Awami League (AL) president, said in a message on the eve of the second anniversary of the brutal attack.

Referring to the August 21 grenade attack that killed 24 AL leaders and activists and injured 500, the AL president said the government is reluctant to carry out a proper investigation even though there is international pressure on this matter.

Hasina said no attacker was arrested although a large number of law enforcers including members of different intelligence agencies were present at the rally.

After the attack, instead of capturing the attackers and taking the injured to hospitals, the police were busy lobbing teargas shells to allow the attackers flee the crime scene. Also, the government swiftly destroyed the evidence of the attack, said Hasina.

Judges and lawyers were killed last year in bomb attacks again since the government did not investigate, arrest and punish the offenders of the August 21 attack. Training of militants is still on in different parts of the country and the BNP-Jamaat alliance government, especially Jamaat-e-Islami, has a close link with them, alleged the former prime minister.

The AL chief said it seems that there is no government and rule of law in the country. Bangladesh now holds a tarnished image abroad due to human rights violation, extra-judicial killings and for patronising militant outfits. "So people must know who are involved in the series of bomb and grenade attacks".

Hasina said the people are going through great difficulties due to price hike of essentials and the only way to saving them and the country is by overthrowing the present government.

Hasina urged the countrymen to be united and fortify the ongoing movement for reforms in the caretaker government and the election commission for a free, fair and neutral election.