Vol. 5 Num 798 Thu. August 24, 2006  

Cancellation of Phulbari Coal Project demanded

The National Committee on Oil Gas Mineral-resources and Power Port Protection will stage a demonstration and lay siege to Asia Energy Office at Phulbari in Dinajpur on August 26 demanding cancellation of Phulbari Coal Project.

The committee also demanded eviction of Asia Energy Corporation from Bangladesh immediately.

The programme was announced yesterday at a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters' Unity auditorium where Member Secretary of the committee Prof Anu Moha-mmad urged the mass to make the demonstration a success.

In a written speech the committee said the Phulbari Coal Project will evict thousands of local people from their home, pollute the rivers at northern region, destroy biodiversity of the area and will damage ancient archaeological resources.

The committee alleged that energy ministers, energy secretaries and some consultants misguided people and assisted the foreign company to get Phulbari Coal Project licence by receiving speed money.

The committee leader alleged that the Asia Energy is distributing colour television, cash, cloths and blankets among the locals to woo their support.

The committee also urged the local administration to support the protest meeting and siege programme as part of what they said as constitutional responsibility.

Engr Sheikh Mohammad Shahidullah, Prof MM Akash, Dr Shamsul Alam, Dr Akmal Hossain, Ruhin Hossain Prince, Tipu Biswas, Nurul Hasan, Bajlur Rashid Firoz, Advocate Abdus Salam, Zonaed Saki and Jalal Sardar, among others, were present.