Vol. 5 Num 816 Tue. September 12, 2006  

Global media abhors US response to 9/11

Newspapers across the world yesterday strongly criticised the US response to September 11, accusing the Bush administration of bungling its "war on terror" and squandering global goodwill by invading Iraq.

On the fifth anniversary of al-Qaeda's assault on New York and Washington, editorials united in condemning the attacks and expressing revulsion for the Islamic extremists who carried out the atrocity.

While papers said many people were still grappling with the immensity of what happened on that day, nearly all agreed the world had since become a more dangerous and uncertain place.

Much criticism, especially in the Middle East and Europe, was reserved for US President George W. Bush's decision to invade Iraq under the banner of the "war on terror".

The New York Times acknowledged the United States had lost the feeling of unity and purpose, which gripped the nation in the aftermath of the attacks, and lamented a lost opportunity.