Vol. 5 Num 816 Tue. September 12, 2006  

Saddam accuser targets foreign arms merchants

A US-based Iraqi doctor, testifying in the genocide trial of Saddam Hussein yesterday, demanded compensation from foreign companies she said supplied him with chemicals he is accused of using to gas Kurdish rebels.

Saddam himself used his presence in court after a three-week recess to intervene on a political issue that has set Kurds and Arabs at odds this past week, over whether the Iraqi flag should be changed because of its association with Saddam. The ousted leader defended the flag, before the judge shut his microphone.

Katherine Elias Mikhail described campaigning as a socialist rebel with Kurdish peshmerga guerrillas in the late 1980s when their mountain bases were bombed from the air with weapons that choked and blinded hundreds of people, including herself.