Vol. 5 Num 819 Fri. September 15, 2006  

Movie Watch
Hridoyer Kotha: A quintessential love story

Mainstream film Hridoyer Kotha is a contemporary love story, showcasing its ups and downs.

The film has been scripted and directed by SA Haque Alik. The story is written by M A Shahid, while the songs are written by Gazi Mazharul Anwar, Amjad Hossain, Kabir Bakul and Jewel Mahmud. The movie hit theatres recently and is currently running nationwide.

The movie follows a vivacious young woman named Adhora (Purnima) who is smitten by a young violinist named Anik (Riaz). Anik, however, is reluctant at first to reciprocate and tries to resist her advances. She literally throws herself in his way, woos him and he is left with little choice but to accept her declarations of love. Eventually the relationship flourishes and Anik realises he is in love too. There is a whole lot of laughs, and lot of tender moments between the two, but things soon turn sour.

Ego, breach of trust and other negative elements creep in, disrupting their bliss. They start bickering over small things. Matters come to a head, when Adhora tries to prevent Anik from leaving for London to visit his ailing father. When that doesn't work, a distraught Adhora slips into a coma after popping sleeping pills. Ultimately things get sorted out and the duo gets together again.

The chemistry between the lead actors works. Actors Dolly Zahur, Tushar Khan, Dr Ejaz and Mannan Shafiq provide good performances. Moushumi does a cameo.

Unfortunately for the bulk of the discerning audience, the film falls short of meeting expectations. The film strains credibility like typical Bollywood and Dhallywood movies. In the last scene the doctors decide to take Adhora off life support after being in a coma for four years, and she is presumed dead, Anik rushes to her lifeless body and starts playing on the violin. Voila! The "deceased" Adhora is revived.

Riaz and Purnima in Hridoyer Kotha