Vol. 5 Num 829 Mon. September 25, 2006  

In focus
Enamul Karim Nirjhar talks on Tini's success in Seoul and more

Filmmaker Enamul Karim Nirjhar's documentary film Tini (The architect) on architect Mazharul Islam, represented Bangladesh at the non-competitive 'Five Nations Fair', recently. The Fair of EBS (South Korea's public television) International Documentary Festival (EIDF) 2006 was held in Seoul. EIDF was launched in 2004 by EBS, which showcases about 100 creative and innovative documentaries for 15 hours a day on EBS-TV during the festival week. The theme of this year's festival was 'Prospering Asia, Reconciliation and Coexistence'.

'Five Nations Fair' is a specially planned event, featuring documentaries of five Asian countries. Besides Bangladesh, other countries of 'Five Nations Fair' are India, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.

Besides broadcast on EBS-TV during the festival and screened at EBS' 'Space Art Hall', there was a special day to present Bangladeshi culture in the festival. Nirjhar said, "At the festival I had the opportunity to watch some outstanding 'Independent Films' such as Life and Death, Our Own Private Bin Laden and Papa.

"This experience has a positive impact on me. Now, I'm also thinking of making 'Independent Films' with new ideas and presentations".

Currently, Nirjhar is making a film titled Chai, which depicts the conflict between expectations and disappointments. He added, "Different people from different occupations have many expectations. People from all layers of the society speak about their frustrations and desires in the film."

According to Nirjhar, "Due to lack of commitment of the filmmakers not many films with bold messages like Jibon Theke Neya are being made these days." Nirjhar believes that a director must have social commitment and only then he or she can make movies depicting the anomalies of the society. And before the next election he plans to release a movie on the contemporary social and political issues.

Nirjhar's much-awaited film Aha will be released soon. Nirjhar informed that after the final touch of the sound track depicting a lively flavour of Old Dhaka in the Dolby Stereo Sound System, the feature film will be ready for release.

A scene from Nirjhar's upcoming film Aha