Vol. 5 Num 832 Thu. September 28, 2006  

Q & A
"It's embarrassing to go begging for my own money from producers" -- Aruna
Actress turned director Aruna Biswas has performed in movies, TV plays and jatra. Daughter of legendary jatra duo -- Amalendu Biswas and Joytsna Biswas -- Aruna began her acting career as a jatra artiste at a tender age. She eventually moved on to films and TV plays. Recently she has emerged as a director of TV plays.

Excerpts from a conversation with Aruna:

Three things you do after you wake up...
Make sure my child is ready for school, plan the whole day and make a quick itinerary, look at my father's picture.
Three things you do before going to bed...
Make sure everything for my child is ready for the next day, lay out my own clothes for the next day, rewind the day gone by.
When are you embarrassed?
When I have to beg for my own money from producers.
How do you plan to celebrate Durga Puja?

As I'll be out of town shooting, I won't get to celebrate Durga Puja with my family. In my house we celebrate all the major religious festivals with equal fervour. Hence while there generally are special food and clothes for Puja, the same goes for Eid as well.
Your favourite singer...
Manna De
Favourite actor
Julia Roberts
If you were not a human being, what would like to be?
I would love to be a cartoon character. They don't die, they don't get hurt and they always bounce back.
What cheers you up when you are down?
My son Shuddho and my nephew Prithibi cheer me up all the time, not just when I am depressed.
Your sun sign...
Memorable moments...
When I returned to Bangladesh after almost six years many welcomed me back and said "Bangladeshi movie industry has few actresses; after you left there was a huge void."
Three things you absolutely hate...
Liars, buttering up others or others buttering me up for personal gains and hypocrisy
Three things you never leave home without...
Cell phone, sunglass and purse.
Favorite hangout joint...
My home
Three things people don't know about you
No matter how many times I come back from outside I take a bath, it's almost like an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I can cook Bengali as well as international dishes. I am a good homemaker and a family-oriented person.
Your favourite tourist spot?
Bangkok, hands down.