Vol. 5 Num 833 Fri. September 29, 2006  
Letters to Editor

Nightmare in Ramadan

It was 2nd Ramadan. I left the office at 4.00pm. I was trying to hire a CNG for returning home, which would cost me 5 times more than the normal bus fare. However, I failed to hire one. No CNG driver was ready to go to my destination and if they agreed, they demanded an abnormally high rate. So, I was forced to walk half a kilometre to Farmgate bus-stop. It was not easy to walk because the footpath was broken and many people already occupied the street. At last, I reached the bus-stop. It was a nightmare there. Almost every bus was packed up with lots of people hanging in the space. If some place to hang on was left and noticed by the waiting people, a competition to achieve the target started. Then after all the troubles when I returned home, I could see no light in my room as electricity was gone. Electricity came after the completion of "Iftar". We experienced load-shedding again during "Tarabi" prayer for not less than one hour.

When electricity returned, the news at ten started. Within a few minutes, we were lucky to hear the voice of our prime minister demanding her re-election. Interestingly, she was not pointing her successes, but strongly mentioning failures of the opposition.