Vol. 5 Num 847 Thu. October 12, 2006  

Netrakona-1 Constituency

BNP lawmaker to clash with 2 party aspirants

Intra-party rift in Netrakona BNP has widened over nomination from Netrakona-1 constituency (Kalmakanda and Durgapur upazilas) in the coming election.

The party is divided into three factions, led by lawmaker MA Karim Abbasi, former convenor of Kalmakanda upazila BNP Abdul Wahab and former central JCD leader Kaisar Kamal.

The three are seeking nomination and are engaged in mudslinging against each other.

BNP lawmaker Karim Abbasi is a man from Durgapur upazila. Party sources claimed that BNP leaders and activists in Kalmakanda said the lawmaker did little development work in their area as he was from another upazila. The two BNP factions in Kalmakanda are now united under the leadership Kaisar Kamal and Advocate Abdul Wahab, the sources claimed.

Karim Abbasi was elected from Netrakona-1with BNP ticket in 1991 and 2001 by defeating Awami League candidate Jalaluddin Talukder. He was also BNP Whip during 1991-1996.

Kalmakanda upazila BNP leaders claimed that the lawmaker implemented development projects in Durgapur upazila, ignoring other areas.

On the other hand, Durgapur upazila BNP is also divided into two group. One faction is loyal to Kaisar Kamal and another is led by Karim Abbasi.

As per the updated voter list, there are 3,04,541 voters in the constituency, 1,38,276 in Durgapur and 1,66,265 in Kalmakanda upazila.

The three rivals--Abbasi, Wahab and Kaisar Kamal--are holding workers' meetings and public rallies and lobbying with party high-ups for nomination, sources said.

At several public rallies, Kaisar Kamal and Abdul Wahab bitterly criticised Karim Abbasi saying, the alliance will lose the seat to the Awami League if Karim Abbasi is nominated because he has become unpopular for his partial attitude and alleged corruption."

"I believe the party will not nominate Karim Abbasi in coming election" Abdul Wahab said while talking to the correspondent.

Kaisar Kamal said, "I got hint from Tarique Rahaman (first join secretary general of BNP) about getting nomination"

Muslimuddin Ahamed, president of Kalmakanda upazila BNP, said, "We believe party high-ups will nominate Kaisar Kamal as alliance candidate.

"BNP leaders and workers in Kalmakanda and a faction in Durgapur BNP will not support Karim Abbasi if he is nominated" he said.

Karim Abbasi refuted all the allegations. He told this correspondent that he is till popular in Durgapur and Kalmakanda upazilas.

"I have implemented many development projects in Durgapur and Kalmakanda upazilas during my period" Karim Abbasi said.

Those who are criticising me are isolated from party workers and people, he claimed.

L-R: Karim Abbasi, Kaisar Kamal & Abdul Wohab