Vol. 5 Num 848 Fri. October 13, 2006  

In conversation
"I can't act in real life"-- Sanjida Preeti

Vivacious, young and down to earth -- Sanjida Preeti has been involved with the media world for quite a while. She embarked on this path when she got herself enrolled at the Tarangakala Lalit Academy for singing. In her words, "I was so enthusiastic about it that I took the initiative myself. My parents were neither supportive nor unsupportive. The academy groomed me overall and I started leaning more towards acting than singing."

Sanjida has just completed the mega-serial Kachher Manush. She became so involved with the script and character of the serial that in real life she started calling her co-stars in by their small screen names. "I call Shuborna Mustafa ma and Humayun Faridi baba since they were my parents in the serial. I take the characters right to my heart. This is not only in the case of this serial but any serial I do." However she added with a naughty gleam in her eyes, "If I end up taking all my reel life boyfriends seriously in real life that might cause some problems."

When this very talented actress is not acting she is either sleeping or hanging out with her friends. "I just love sleeping. I can sleep at any time any place. Besides that I love spending time with my friends. I am the easy going type who loves dressing casually and hanging out on the foot path with friends."

Asking her to describe herself in one sentence, Sanjida said that she was transparent and non-pretentious. "While people say I act well, I can't act in real life. Maybe I am not such a good actress after all. If I am sad I can't show that I am happy. Even when I go for a shoot if I am depressed it becomes tough for me to overcome that immediately and be all chirpy."

Though Sanjida has never faced any objection from her parents on acting, there has been a lot of expectation from her academically. Being the youngest among five siblings was not just about being pampered. "My four elder siblings are well educated and in the professions of engineering or business. So there have always been high expectations from me. It has taken me years to explain to them what I am really passionate about and they have finally understood, " she asserts.

What Sanjida is really passionate about is the theatre. She is a member of the Prachcho Natok theatre group. "No matter what happens I try to make it for the practice. I'm in my final year of BBA at NSU; it gets tough juggling so many things but theatre is something I can't give up. When I initially joined the theatre I used to sweep the floor and make tea for everyone. From there on I have been involved with the make-up, set design and obviously acting. It is like my second family. That is also one of the main reasons I am seen less on the small screen."

Answering the question whether she would like to work in movies, Sanjida replied, "All the small screen actors say they would like to work in movies if they get a good script. I am no exception. The channels are bringing out good movies for that matter. However I also believe I could do well in a commercial movie. But most probably I will not go for it. As a child in my academy we used to mimic Bangla movies, I am pretty good at it, but maybe it is best left at the level of imitation and not application."