Vol. 5 Num 865 Fri. November 03, 2006  

Mita Noor: Transition from modelling to acting

I am as translucent and transparent as the finest glass. I have gained so much by being honest I don't see why I should be dishonest," says the attractive and outspoken Mita Noor. Having embarked on her career at a very young age, she has been involved with the media world for over 17 years now and has carved a niche for herself.

Mita's story began when she was a mere child going to the Bulbul Academy for her Bharatnatyam classes. Hailing from a very conservative family, her parents were against her exposure to the cultural world and so her sister used to pay for her dancing lessons. Soon she became a popular face in the local cultural festivals as well as an anchor.

"My big break came when I was asked to anchor the programme Chhayachhondo on BTV," reminisces Mita. In 1989 when she was still in school she got her first serial offer for Sheikh Riazuddin Badshah's Shagor Shechar Shadh. "My first commercial was for Hazeline Snow, though many people don't know that. I still think that was one of the best ads on BTV. I also carried off the role well. However there was a huge controversy associated with the ad. During those days non-Bangladeshi models were not allowed to do Bangladeshi ads and the government thought that I was a foreigner. They were all the more suspicious since the shooting was done in Bombay. They actually came to verify my identity and I had to show them my passport!" she adds.

While Mita's career was just taking off, she got married right after her SSC examinations. "That was a very difficult phase for me as no one approved of it. My in-laws were dead against my involvement in the media world. I had to ultimately quit." However in between she did a commercial on Sunlight battery, which became a hit in the country. From then on she became known as the Alo alo girl.

Her struggle with her family and career went on for years. Ultimately she had to make a decision as she could not be equally successful in both. "While I didn't sacrifice my media career completely, I made sure that my family always came first. In my career I know I was never at the top, I always considered myself a step behind. But that never bothered me. I knew I had carved out a stable place, and that place rarely faltered. Overall I felt complete," recalls Mita.

The character Dhobola in her ongoing mega serial Bhoberhaat is one of Mita's all time favourites. "Earlier I used to select characters based on how long my role was, but now I select it based on the importance of the role in the serial. I also liked the character I played in the yet to be aired serial Bijoya (based on Sharat Chandra Chatta-padhyaya's novel Datta)

Some of Mita's ongoing mega serials are Bhoberhaat and Jog biyog on Channel i, Shona phul on Banglavision and Anondo bedona gontobbo on ATN Bangla. "I have also completed Pathshala and Neelanjana. I'm not sure when they will be aired," asserts Mita.

While Mita has her hands full with serials she also practices her first love, Bharatnatyam. She regularly anchors shows abroad and on request performs classical dance numbers there.

On the private channels that have mushroomed, Mita thinks there is nothing negative about the medium. "In our country one of the main problems is unemployment. The extra channels have helped generate employment not only for the artistes but at the grassroots level as well. Another positive factor; the more the channels more the possibility of disseminating information and spreading awareness among the masses. I strongly believe that development depends on the ability of every citizen to carry out his or her responsibility and only then our leaders can coordinate our resources and represent us positively," she concludes.