Vol. 5 Num 875 Mon. November 13, 2006  
Letters to Editor

US Congress election 2006

I am not a voter in the US. Yesterday, however, almost whole day my work spot happened to be an off-Broadway theater in Manhattan called The Theater for The New City located on the 1st avenue, between 9th & 10th St. No, I am not a theater actor. I was simply working as a helper to assist the people preparing the hall for a particular show called "Theater of Science"--an already well acclaimed play by the London Observer and others in promoting science & reason--which is being sponsored jointly by the CUNY Graduate Center for Science & Arts and the Skeptical Inquirer magazine published by the Center for Inquiry International.

Voting was taking place in the spacious corridor of the theater, between the main entrance on 1st avenue and the entrance to the main hall of the theater. Thus for the first time I had a chance to see, how Americans vote. "It seems a lot more number of voters are showing up this year than the last time," I threw my somewhat blank comments toward an African American lady who was working in the election centre. "Oh yes. A lot more", she confirmed me of what I recently read in the newspapers and polls--this time a lot more number of Americans are showing interest in election & politics than those in the previous years. Similarly, a beautiful young lady nodded her head when I asked on her way out of the centre after casting her vote.

For a while, I was standing right outside the election centre and giving out the fliers for the theater show.

A white American girl, probably in her mid 20s, was interviewing a middle-aged white American man. She was a journalism grad student at NYU and this she was doing as part of her class assignment. Of the many questions she asked the man related to the election, one was: how do you rate the present US government's performance? The face of the white man started turning red in anger. "Never ever in my life, I've seen such a shameless, arrogant, corrupt, .......and [he was stammering in anger] incompe-t-e-n-t government." The man continued with his outburst but didn't forget to mention he is not affiliated with any political party.

"This government doesn't have any respect for the people of other cultures or race."

"You spoke my mind, although just like you, I'm too not affiliated with party politics," I told him. "Yea, it's so obvious," he replied.