Vol. 5 Num 918 Tue. December 26, 2006  

Premiere show of 'Anya Gazir Anya Kissa'

The premiere show of theatre troupe Natyajan's latest production Anya Gazir Anya Kissa by Alok Basu was staged at the Experimental Theatre Stage on December 24.

Anya Gazir Anya Kissa is set against the backdrop of the plague epidemic in Barisal in 1920. The hero of the play is not a legend like those prevalent in the traditional performing art form Gazir Gaan, who saves a community. Rather the 'saviour' of modern dramatist Basu's play is a common man who appears as the rescuer to the plague-affected people.

As the subplot of the play Alok has featured a universal truth of politics -- manipulating the disaster for the political interest between the two rival parties -- Congress and Muslim League.

Debashish Ghosh directs Anya Gazir Anya Kissa. Uttam Guho is the art director and M Jasimuddin is the light designer.

Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam inaugurated the show. M Hamid, president of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation (BGTF), was the chief guest and Jhuna Chowdhury, secretary general of BGTF, was the special guest of the programme. General Secretary of Natyajan, Tabibul Islam Babu delivered the welcome speech.

A still from Natyajan's latest production Anya Gazir Anya Kissa