Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
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Prices of essentials shoot up again as Eid nears

The price of essentials shot up again in both retail and wholesale markets ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha pushing the moderate-earners and the poor in distress.

Visiting different retail and wholesale markets in the capital, it was observed that the price of meat has marked a sharp rise as the price of cattle soars in the city's cattle markets.

Beef was selling at Tk 150-160 per kilogramme but now it is selling at Tk 170-180 per kilogramme, mutton was Tk 220-230 per kilogramme now it is Tk 250. Buffalo meat was Tk 140 a kilo but now it is being sold at Tk 160.

Quddus Ali, a butcher at Charulata market in Moghbazar, told The Daily Star that their business is suffering tremendously as the price of cattle continues to soar.

"I am selling beef at Tk 170 per kilogramme, if I could sell it at Tk 193, I would have averted loss," he claimed.

Price of green chilli, onion and pilaf rice shot up both in retail and wholesale markets as their demands increased ahead of the Eid.

Pilaf rice was selling at Tk 36-38 per kilogramme only two days ago but now it is selling at Tk 40-45, the retailers said.

Soya bean oil is now selling at Tk 65 per kilogramme, a three-taka increase from the previous price. Super palm oil is now selling at Tk 55 per kilogramme. It was selling at Tk 52 only a couple of days ago. Palm oil is currently available at Tk 52 per kilogramme, it was Tk 50 earlier.

Indian onions were being sold at Tk 20-24 per kilogramme earlier but now it is selling at Tk 15-16. Local onions (newly harvested ones) were selling at Tk 12 per kilogramme. It is now selling at Tk 18. Green chilli was Tk 25-30 per kilogramme yesterday. It was Tk 15 three days ago.

The prices of condensed milk and sugar have also increased. A can of condensed milk, weighing around 400 grams, is selling at Tk 45, it was Tk 42 a few days back. However, the prices of spices seem to be normal.