Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
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JP won't take part in polls if Iajuddin doesn't quit
Says Ershad

Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad yesterday said his party will not participate in the upcoming general election unless President Iajuddin Ahmed resigns from the post of chief adviser to the caretaker government.

"The chief adviser runs the country at the behest of BNP. So the election under his caretaker government will not be free and fair," Ershad told a wayside rally while returning to Rangpur from Dhaperhar in Gaibandha yesterday afternoon.

Ershad said his nomination papers were cancelled as part of conspiracy as JP did not join the four-party alliance.

He said the BNP-led four-party combine is still conspiring against me, knowing that it will not win the election if Jatiya Party participates in the election with the grand alliance.

"The BNP-led alliance will not get any of the 22 seats in greater Rangpur. So it has no alternative but to conspire against Jatiya Party," he said.

Ershad also warned that if the grand alliance takes part in the election without Jatiya Party, the ball will be in the court of the four-party coalition.

Thousands of people queued on both sides of the highway from Gobindaganj to Matherhat of Sadullapur to greet the JP chief.