Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  

Cattle markets abuzz with customers but price very high

The city cattle markets witnessed a flood of customers yesterday busy buying sacrificial animals with the Eid-ul- Azha knocking at the door.

The 14 cattle markets of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC), which didn't see much sale in the last few days, became vibrant with the buying and selling of cows, goats, buffaloes and other cattles.

Cows are sold between Tk 25,000-35,000 and larger sized goats between Tk 15,000 20,000, said the traders.

Goats whose price ranges between 2,500-5,000 have the highest demand, added the traders.

The soaring prices of sacrificial animals have gone beyond the average capacity of middle and lower middle class income group, complained the customers while visiting different cattle markets in the city.

"Though there is a huge supply of sacrificial animals, the price is still too high for us to pay," said a buyer disappointed to see the sky rocketing price of animals.

The traders however said the high costing of cattle rearing is the prime cause of the price hike.

"We would rather prefer to bring the cattle back home than to sell them at a low price in the market " said a cattle trader, unwilling to compromise the price.

Supply of cattle to the city markets however continues to rise.