Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
Letters to Editor

An open letter to leaders

People and the world understand that you want free and fair election. So does everybody else. It is not only the Awami League and the 14-party alliance's interest but all of us, people of Bangladesh and the world want to see free and fair election in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is no longer Henry Kissinger's country of bottomless basket. It is a country of vibrant economy, democracy and the famous Bengali of this century, Dr. Yunus.

All eyes are now on Bangladesh and especially the next election. Whoever forms the next government would need cooperation from inside and outside. Alienating people of Bangladesh, world governments and investors would not help you to run the country well. If you cannot deliver, during your administration, after 5 years you will be out.

We will have a government after the election either led by the 14-party alliance or by the 4-party alliance. We will have a banner year for growth and development of Bangladesh economy for the next five years. No matter who forms the government the country will do well. It is a magic of free economy.

None other than thousands of entrepreneurs are the growth engine pulling the economy.