Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  

Eid Delights on tv
Nishwora Bhalobasha:
Selim Al Deen's play Nishwora Bhalobasha will be aired on BTV at 8:30pm on January 2. Shahriar Nazim Joy, Dipa Khondokar, Mamnun Emon, Kumkum Hassan and Anuja are the main cast members of the play. The play revolves around Shombrita and Shukriti, two sisters of opposite temperaments. One day Opu, one of their relatives comes from overseas to stay in their house and plans eventually to marry a Bangladeshi girl and settle here. Shukriti's mother wants her to marry Opu. Meanwhile Shombrita falls in love with Opu. Opu cannot understand why Shukriti's mother is more interested in the marriage of her younger daughter. The play takes a dramatic turn when Shombrita leaves the house without notice. The play is directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Nayemul.

ATN Bangla
Short film Interview will be aired at 2:40pm on December 31. The film, directed by Obaidullah Al Zakir, narrates the story of Suman Raihan's struggle to make his mark on the world. Suman, a well-educated lad, loves to talk to common people and has a passion for poetry. He takes up the challenge to build his future with his own skills rather than take advantage of his father's position. Touquir Ahmed, Sumaiya Shimu, Abdullah Al Mamun, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Joyonto Chattopadhyay and Shirin Alam are the main cast members of the film.

Annonde Kichukkhon: ATN Bangla will air a children's programme Annonde Kichukkhon on January 2 at 10:30pm. The programme features patriotic songs, solo and group dance and a short play. Promising child artistes perform in the programme.

Goru Chor: Tele-film Goru chor will be aired at 3:50pm on January 2. The telefilm is written by ATM Shamsuzzaman and directed by Salauddin Lavlu. In this telefilm a famous thief teaches his son the art of stealing cows and they start working together. Though the father is a thief, he is very kind. Struck by a guilty conscience, he devotes time to social work. However, the story becomes complicated when his daughter falls in love with a thief. ATM Shamsuzzaman, Chanchal Chowdhury, Shamim Zaman, Mosharraf Karim, AKM Hassan, Shwagota, Himel, Shirin Alam, Ahsanul Huq Minu are the main cast members of the tele-film.

Channel i
Tal Betal:
Based on situational comedy, a single episode play Tal Betal by Rezanur Rahman will be aired tonight at 7:50pm. The cast of the play includes ATM Shamsuzzaman, Ahmed Rubel, Shomana Shoma, Shumi, Mahbub Jitu and others.

Story line: Two thieves are caught red handed by the public which metes out punishment. What happens next is for the viewer to discover.

Tahara: At 2:30 pm tele-film Tahara will be aired on the second day of Eid. Directed by Mahfuz Ahmed, the tele-film will have Opi Karim, Nobel and Mahfuz Ahmed in the lead characters. The story revolves around the trio, Amy, Borno and Shoibal who are the best of friends studying in Austria. However love comes in between and they each need to answer the question: What is more important- love, friendship or life?

Nattokar Hamid Shaheber Ekdeen: Humayun Ahmed's script and direction Nattokar Hamid Shaheber Ekdeen will be aired on the first day of Eid at 7:50pm. Lux-Channel i Superstar Nafiza and Badhon will be cast members along with Zahid Hassan, Dr Ejaz, Majnun Mijan Putul and Esha. The story of the serial revolves around a team ready to shoot for a serial where everyone is present but the script is missing. At this point the director is at a loss and does not know how to continue without a script. Suddenly on the spot a dying old man and a plump young boy emerge. From there on the whole story takes a different turn.

Mad_e In Bangladesh: Viewers will get to see Bangla feature film Mad_e In Bangladesh, directed by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki on the first day of Eid at 2:30. Produced by Impress Telefilm Ltd and presented by banglalink, the film was recently realised at movie theatres. The cast of the film includes Zahid Hassan, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tarik Anam, Masud Ali Khan, Jayanto Chattopadhyay, Amirul Huq Chowdhury, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Rozi Siddiqui, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Tania, Tinni and many more.

Shubhodrishti: Special single episode play titled Shubhodrishti, will be aired on the 3rd day of Eid at 5:30 pm. Based on a story by Dewan Shamsur Rakib, play Shubhodrishti has been directed by Kaushik Sankar Das. The play has an impressive cast with Litu Anam, Sumaiya Shimu, Apurba, Mithila and others.

Oboruddha Chobbish Ghonta i Paribar: A special TV play features Channel i team members Apu Mahfuz, Mishu Rahman, Amirul Islam, Farid, Lina, Shaon Ashraf others and will be aired at 9:35pm on December 31. Based on the concept of Shykh Shiraj the play is written by Raju Siddiqi. Directed by Robin Khan the story of the play revolves around a joint family which is glued to foreign TV channels. Slowly and silently the channels start influencing the members of the family. Purobi and Shobuj try to free the family from the clutches of this menace. But it's too late...

Purobi Eid Anondo: Purobi Eid Anondo - a magazine show based on reporters from different television channels will be aired on the first day of Eid at 10:40 am on channel i. There will be various games for the participants and prizes. Reporters Shakil Ahmed, Farzana Rupa, Farhana Rahman, Munni Shaha, Shakila Yasmin, Ashraful Alam Khokon, Mahbub Matin, Tarikul Islam Masum, Shahriyar Hussain Riya, Sheemanto Khokon, Mustafa Firoz along with others will participate in the programme.

Swapner Bilat:
Written and directed by Giasuddin Selim, the TV play follows the fortunes of a young man, Abul Hossain. Hossain's idea of heaven on earth is 'Bilat'aka London and he spends considerable time coming up with plans that would enable him to move to London. Hussain's object of affection is Huur-e-Jannat. All is well until Jannat's London-based cousin comes to Dhaka. His wife has recently passed away and his mother wants him to remarry -- the bride of choice being Jannat, of course. The drama unfolds with Jannat in the centre. Tarin, Fazlur Rahman Babu and Chanchal Chowdhury play the lead roles.

This programme has a social perspective as well. It is one of the three TV dramas produced by the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) to promote safe migration. RMMRU has produced the drama under the Awareness Campaign against Irregular Migration project that is supported by the British High Commission, Dhaka.

The play will be aired on the night of Eid at 8:15pm.

Bonophul-er Ghran: Directed by Amitabh Reza, famed for his popular TV commercials, the play features film actress Purnima, Azad Abul Kalam and Shahana Sumi. The play revolves around Harun, an uncomplicated rural man living with his family. Harun's parents have been trying to get him to marry for quite a while now and a potential bride's family is coming over to talk to him. But perhaps fate has other plans. Harun comes across Ayesha, his ex-wife. Ayesha is a jatra artiste. Harun married her during the days when his obsession with jatra was in its peak. But the stigma that is attached to female jatra artistes in rural areas becomes an issue. The play will be aired on the 3rd day of Eid at 8:15pm.

Bajo Ebong Bajao: The musical programme features Nazrul Sangeet with the sangat of sitar and sarod. Hosted by music exponent Mubarak Hossain Khan and directed by Alfred Khokon, the show includes performances by artistes Subir Nandi, Ustad Shahadat Hossain Khan, Ferdaus Ara and Rinaat Fauzia. The programme will go on air on Eid day at 1:15pm.

Swapno Sangini: Misir Ali, a major character in noted author Humayun Ahmed's popular mysteries, is the central role in the play Swapner Sangini. Directed by Animesh Aich, the play features Humayun Faridee, Joyraaj, Azad Abul Kalam and Azra. The play follows psychiatrist Misir Ali as he tries to analyse Keramat Ali's bizarre recurring and troublesome dreams. In his dreams, Keramat finds himself in a barren land, an otherworldly sound coming from somewhere. Some deformed, petrifying human images emerge. All of sudden, Keramat finds a companion -- a young woman. He even gets her name in the dream -- Nargis. Keramat is convinced Nargis exists in the real world and he is in love with her. Can Misir Ali help? The play will be aired on the 2nd day of Eid at 8:15pm.

Once at a Pahela Baishakh (first day of Bangla new year) celebration a journalist meets a young lady named Kajol. In 'love at first sight', the duo decide to marry. However, Kajol dies in a road accident. Thus Memshaheb, directed by SA Alik, ends tragically. Riaz, Poppy, Chitralekha Guho and others perform in the major roles of the tele-film. Memshaheb will be aired at 2:45 pm on the second day of the Eid-special arrangement.

Runa Laila's solo programme: A solo music performance by eminent singer Runa Laila will be aired at 6:30 pm on Eid day.

Tini: Harunur Rashid's play Tini features a generation gap. Hasinur Rahman, a high up official, cannot maintain his family life properly because of his business commitments. At one stage he faces old age complications. Though he has many fans of his music, he does not find anyone to take care of him. Even his lonely daughter Kabita shuns his company. Then Hasinur Rahman realises that it is love, not wealth nor social status that one needs the most. Tini is directed by Shahiduzzaman Selim. Mamunur Rashid, Richi Solaiman and others play the major roles of the play. Tini will be aired at 8:00 pm on the 4th day of Eid.

Geetimoy Ei Deene:
Sabina Yasmin will sing some of her most popular as well as new songs in the solo music programme Geetimoy Ei Deene on the 2nd day of Eid at 10:50pm.

The single episode comedy Ut (Camel) will be aired on the 2nd day of Eid at 8:15pm. The story of the play revolves around a man who moves back from Middle East into his village. To increases his respect to the villagers he decided to sacrifice a camel on the Eid-Ul-Azha. All the villagers make a huge crowd to watch the camel. The comedy has been written by Brindabon Das and directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul. The cast includes Mir Sabbir, Srabonti, Challenger, Masum Aziz and others.

Hiyar majhey: Hiyar majhey, a talk show, based on the lives of star couples. Heyar majhey will be aired on the 3rd day of the Eid at 9:30 pm. Alamgir and Runa Laila will talk about their lives, love, personalities, likes and dislikes. Tahsan and Mithila host the programme.

The Third Eye: Based on a romantic story a tele-film The Third Eye will be aired on the 3rd day of Eid at 3:00pm. The play revolves around the relationship between two friends Prachi and Dipto who are studying in the same university.

Based on a story by Masud Hasan Uzzal , tele-film The Third Eye has been directed by Monirul Islam Masum. The play has an impressive star cast with Afzal Hossain, Srabonti, Shojol and others.