Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
Star City

Gulshan Lake
Rajuk officials fear encroachment during Eid holidays

Rajuk officials have expressed fear that during Eid holidays Gulshan Lake, one of the last remaining water bodies in the city, might come under the grip of the encroachers as most law enforcement officials will be on leave.

"Encroachers have a good chance to make a move during Eid holidays as this is the time when most law enforcement personnel will be on leave and the residents will be out of the city," said a Rajuk official seeking anonymity.

"Vested groups are after this lake. These groups are very powerful. Often they come to us with papers claiming parts of the lake as their own land. I cannot say these are fake papers because these contain genuine signatures," he said.

The official said that after the government acquisitioned the lake area in the late fifties it did not demarcate the lake area. Later in 2001 some parts of the lake were derequisitioned by some court orders.

"The derequisition is a big reason the lake is being filled up. If Rajuk was still in charge of the lake area, it could not happen. But still we are thwarting them because it is our duty to protect the city's water bodies," said the official.

A vested group of land grabbers has made a makeshift structure and initiated the encroachment of the lake area.

When asked how the vested groups came to know about the disquisition, the official said: "May be some of our people have informed them."

"There are 28 guards working in 3 shifts but they are not adequate to keep the lake from the grasp of the encroachers," said the official.

"I will request the residents to keep vigil so that no encroacher makes a move taking the chance of Eid holidays," he said.

Gulshan Lake is under threat during holidays. PHOTO: Syed Zakir Hossain