Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
Star City

Cleanliness After Sacrifice
DCC urges imams to educate mass

Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) has urged city imams to inform people about 'waste management of sacrificial animals' in their sermons during the Eid congregations.

DCC officials said that this was a part of their drive to grow awareness among the city dwellers most of whom will be sacrificing animals.

Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) will launch a 'special cleaning drive' to ensure cleanliness during and after the Eid festival, when hundreds of thousands of sacrificial animals will be slaughtered.

But DCC officials feared that their initiatives would not be enough if the public did not co-operate with them after the sacrifices are complete. The drive's main objective would be to prevent pollution resulting from animal blood and residues.

DCC has recently hired 3,000 temporary cleaners to increase its field level workforce to a total of 10,000. DCC officials however said that there is no alternative to mass awareness to keep the city pollution-free after the Eid.

To maintain cleanliness in the city's cattle markets DCC deployed a total of 160 trucks, 400 containers, 13 trailers, 6 pay-loaders, 2 tire dousers 22 dump trucks and 8 water lorries. The DCC will also spray antiseptic liquids in different places across the city.

When asked about the adequacy of the initiatives, the Chief Conservancy Officer, Sohel Faruque said that space constraints force many people to use the roads and roadside spaces for slaughter.

"Due to the lack of awareness most people in the city leave the wastes on the spot without cleaning properly," Faruque said.

"Blood and other wastes from the animals littered on the streets without cleaning will cause pollution and expose the very population to various health hazards," Faruque said.