Vol. 5 Num 923 Sun. December 31, 2006  
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Change your lifestyle in 2007

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The biggest problem in the world today is not probably war or natural calamities, but ‘Today’s lifestyle’.

Newly conducted studies reveal that more than ever before, people are now searching for greater meaning in their lives. Modern lifestyles are full of stress, tension and competition; lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet are the two other factors that contribute a lot to our illnesses.

We, ‘the medical professionals’ are more oriented with ‘Illness prescriptions’ rather than ‘Wellness prescriptions’. We are ignoring the fact that each and every day an unhealthy lifestyle is causing more and more modern degenerative diseases like anxiety, depression, diabetes, obesity, joint problems, gastro-intestinal illnesses, cardiac problems, cancer, AIDS and so on which also results due to lack of moral and safety compliance.

You may not change this world but you can certainly change your life. Here are three tips to start a new lifestyle in 2007

1 Try to change your usual, everyday negative personality and believe sincerely that this is a very important subject in your life. People who get upset by negative events are twice as likely to develop dementia as their calmer counterpart.

For centuries, medical practitioners have kept in mind that the type of an individual’s personality can affect one’s life. Although heredity is an important factor but one’s surrounding environment is also important for developing one’s personality. This could comprise of politeness, civility and could also help to compromise attitude or timidity, annoyance, hostility, aggressiveness and egoism.

As soon as you can control your ego, then peace and contentment will come as a natural consequence. Lots of our agonies are causes of this egoism.

In our everyday dealings, ‘ego’ means ‘Amitto’ in Bangla and ‘I’ or ‘Mine’ in English. Ego is like a wall between you and tranquillity. As soon as one is caught in the ‘I/Mine’ disorder, it is the beginning of a lot of agonies and pains in day to day life. Anger is a short type of madness which makes one not only untamed but also weak in the long run.

We have read that, ‘The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong’. In fact, the above mentioned factors are all chemical and electrical activities in the cells of our brains.

2 Step back, take a deep breath and organise yourself this year to cut nervous tensions. Disorganised people face more problems in tackling tough decisions and tasks. Ask yourself ‘What are your immediate and long term goals, and where do these projects fit in?’ If you do not have a vision, your mission with all good intentions might lose the way.

At the outset, you need to be organised about getting organised. Designate some time or an entire day to make it practical. Organising stuff you use everyday will give you a sense of cleanliness and a sense of accomplishment and the incentive you need to keep going. Once you get organised you actually have more time for more plans and activities. But some people are disorganised because they want to be perfectionists and they often end up with the worst confusions because they think if they can’t attain their assignment supremely, it is not worth doing at all.

3 The best physicians are Dr Diet, Dr Patience and Dr Quiet.

Diet cures more than doctors can; it has a huge power both on body and mind. Avoid all sorts of fizzy drinks and junk food. Milk could be ‘the drink’ as well as ‘the food’ in everyday diet. According to Hippocrates, ‘Let food be your medicine, medicine be your food’. From time to time it has been said that ‘a handful of patience is worth more than a bucketful of brains’.

The most awful difficulties are the best opportunities. And please keep in mind that ‘A man slips with his tongue more than with his feet’.

Last but not least, do not ignore to contact graduate consistent medical practitioners in sustaining medical troubles.