Vol. 5 Num 924 Thu. January 04, 2007  

Celebrities and new year resolutions
The Daily Star had a chat recently with prominent cultural personalities on the year gone by, their plans for 2007 and New Year resolutions, if any. Here's what they had to say:

Subarna Mustafa
"Work was good but frankly with the political turmoil in the country nothing else really mattered. When your country's political stability is at stake, it's my personal opinion that any personal achievement becomes dim. Though I have no New Year's resolutions, I can only hope the coming year is better than the previous one."

Tauquir Ahmed
"Last year bought me heaps of luck. I directed two movies, Roopkothar golpo and Padmaboti. Both did well. At the personal level we were also blessed with our daughter Arisha.

For the coming year I have no New Year's resolutions as such. However, I am directing two more movies- one is Daruchinir Dwip while the second one doesn't have a name as yet. I am also directing a mega serial written by Bipasha on ntv called Shongkhobash. Hopefully they will go down well with the audience."

"It was a lucky year for me. Career-wise I cannot imagine a better launch than Humayun Ahmed's Daruchinir Dwip. Shooting for the movie starts in the first week of February. For 2007, I hope the luck of 2006 continues and that I can keep on doing good movies. Though I am under restrictions and cannot sign any movie until Daruchinir Dwip is completed, I hope to get good offers later on in the year."

The year gone by was great but more important is the year ahead. My parents have arranged for my marriage and hence my New Year's resolution is to get married and set up my own home. I want to do a lot of good work before getting hitched. One can never guess the future and so I want to play memorable roles."

Tania Ahmed
"It was a great year for both me and Tutul. At the professional level I acted in Humayun Ahmed's Noy Number Bipod Shonket, which I personally believe was a great movie. For Tutul, also, the year turned out to be excellent. His song in Hridoyer Kotha topped the charts for five weeks. In our family life, with the grace of Allah, we could not have been happier.

"As far as 2007 is concerned I don't have any specific plans. However, I am thinking about going into direction, particularly directing serials. But frankly, it's just a thought and I will need a good script and other additional factors before venturing out seriously."