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Abbas, Haniyeh agree to defuse tensions in Gaza
US to give $86m for Palestinians
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said yesterday he and President Mahmoud Abbas had agreed to keep gunmen from their rival Hamas and Fatah factions off Gaza's streets after clashes in which eight
Leftists to campaign against Indo-US deal
India's main communist party, which shores up the federal coalition, said on Thursday it would launch a campaign against a controversial nuclear deal with the United States, saying it was not in the country's
Nepali rebel, govt arms registration to begin mid-January: UN
The United Nations will be ready to start registration later this month of Maoist and army weapons as part of an historic deal to end Nepal's decade-long civil war, a UN official said yesterday.
Saddam could have been hanged in a 'more dignified way': Bush
US President George W Bush said Saddam Hussein could have been hanged in a "more dignified way" and one his closest Arab allies said yesterday a video of Shia officials taunting him on the gallows was
Kids with toy guns worry Nato troops in Afghanistan
The Nato-led force in Afghanistan has urged parents to tell their children not to play with toy guns around military patrols, warning they could be mistaken for the real thing.
Iraqi PM accuses Sunni clerics of fuelling tension
Iraq's prime minister accused a leading Sunni Muslim clerics' group on Friday of stoking tension by saying that militias were preparing attacks on Sunni neighbourhoods in Baghdad.
10,000 Chinese domain names vanish amid web chaos
Nearly 10,000 Chinese website operators have lost the use of their .com internet addresses due to telecom problems caused by last month's earthquake near Taiwan, state media reported.
No breakthrough after Israel-Egypt talks
Overshadowed by an Israeli raid into the Palestinian territories, a summit between Israel and Egypt achieved little in reviving the long-stalled Middle East peace process, highlighting instead the disagreements
Chirac slams Iraq war as boost to terrorism
French President Jacques Chirac on Friday unleashed a torrent of criticism against the US-led war in Iraq, saying the conflict, which he fiercely opposed, had boosted the spread of terrorism.
8 killed in Iraq attacks
American, 2 interpreters kidnapped
At least eight people were killed in insurgent and sectarian attacks in Iraq on Friday, including five when a series of mortars slammed into a Baghdad neighbourhood, a security official said.
Full-fat dairy products linked to lower weight
The health-conscious often shun whole milk but a new study suggests that adults who favour full-fat dairy gain less weight over time.
20 feared dead in Pak Kashmir landslide
More than 20 people were trapped and feared dead yesterday when a landslide triggered by recent rain hit their vehicle in the Pakistan-administered zone of Kashmir, officials said.
China's largest lake may vanish in 200 yrs
China's largest lake, holy to Tibetans but suffering from global warming and desertification, may vanish in two centuries even as the government pledges 870 million dollars to stop it shrinking, Xinhua
Blair's comment on Saddam's execution next week
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Friday he will comment next week on Saddam Hussein's execution after his long silence triggered criticism from within his governing Labour Party.
Nepali king spurns salary
Nepal's embattled King Gyanendra and his family have not drawn their annual salary since the new government slapped tax on the royals' income in May, a report said yesterday.
Libya to build statue of Saddam
Libya has said it will build a statue of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, executed in Baghdad on December 30.
Archbishop-to-be was communist collaborator: church
Stanislaw Wielgus, who is poised to be sworn in as Catholic archbishop of Warsaw, collaborated with Poland's hated communist-era secret police, a church investigative commission said yesterday.
ROK watchdog chief arrested
South Korean prosecutors have arrested a financial watchdog chief on suspicion of accepting bribes from a former department store owner, official South Korean media reported yesterday.
Hawaiian canoes set for epic Pacific journey
Two Hawaiian outrigger canoes are due to embark on an epic 2,300 mile (3,700 kilometres) voyage from Hawaii to Micronesia today using only the stars and sun for navigation.
'IEA must do more to engage China, India'
The International Energy Agency (IEA) must do more to engage heavyweight oil consumers China and India if it is to remain relevant, its next executive director said Friday.
Lanka jets destroy rebel navy base
Sri Lankan air force jets staged a fourth straight day of raids Friday against Tamil Tiger positions in the north of the island, a military spokesman said.
al-Qaeda calls for Jihad in Somalia
al-Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahiri called for Muslim fighters to head to Somalia and deploy guerrilla tactics used in Iraq following the rout of the Islamic courts, in an audio message released yesterday.

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