Vol. 5 Num 934 Sun. January 14, 2007  
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More raids made to catch 'godfathers'
Drive temporarily suspended

Law enforcers raided the Banani residence of Babul Kazi, a business partner of Giasuddin Al Mamun, on Friday night as part of a crackdown on 'corruptionists and godfathers of criminals' which started on Thursday night.

Mamun is a close friend and business partner of BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Tarique Rahman.

Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) members arrested Commissioner of Ward No 16 of Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) Quayum Khan from Kachukhet area in the capital on Friday night. Earlier, law enforcers arrested Commissioner of Ward No 25 ABM Enamul Haque Quayum.

Meanwhile, sources in law enforcement agencies said the crackdown was suspended yesterday as neither the home ministry nor the police high ups had issued any directive regarding what steps should be taken in dealing with the influential arrestees.

The sources said law enforcers are waiting for directives, which are expected to come after the new advisers to the caretaker government are sworn in.

Following the crackdown, around 50 influential BNP and Awami League (AL) leaders and ward commissioners have gone in hiding to evade arrests. Sources said Rab members raided the residences of seven to eight ward commissioners of DCC on Friday night.

An official of Rab-4 said they arrested Quayum Khan from his Kachukhet Puran Bazar house on Friday night on charge of 'patronising criminal activities'. He was later handed over to Cantonment police.

Meanwhile, Enamul Haque Quayum, commissioner of ward 25, was sent to jail yesterday in detention for 30 days.

Rab-10 said they raided the Wari Complex in the capital on Friday night to arrest Commissioner of Ward No 74 of DCC Abul Bashar. The Rab members did not find Bashar, but arrested his three aides Jalil, Abu Mian and Rahmat.

Besides, law enforcers conducted raids to arrest Commissioner of Ward No 56 and 57 Chowdhury Alam and Khaja Habib respectively.

Rab sources said they are also trying to arrest DCC Ward Commissioner Mirza Khokon as his name is on the 'list of criminals' which was handed over to law enforcers immediately after the state of emergency had been declared.