Vol. 5 Num 954 Mon. February 05, 2007  

Cleansing operation
Spare no corrupt person
Yesterday we saw the first real sign of the process of accountability and answerability before the law of the land being reestablished in society. It seems a cleansing operation has begun through the non-party caretaker government as a number of former ministers and MPs of BNP and AL including a top industrialist have been arrested by the joint forces. Law at last appears to be catching up with them.

One would have expected though that an elected government had taken the move against corruption; but that was not to be. It has now fallen on an unelected caretaker government to be doing so.

There was even demand voiced by civil society leaders to make an example of indicting a few big shots with corruption and abuse of power rather than catching petty thieves of public money. For, they thought, this could only din the right message into the ears of people who have amassed tons of money without having to account for it to anybody.

They have bled the nation white as they splurge at home and abroad with reckless abandon that includes getting nominated and elected to parliament riding on their pile of black money.

Government should make public as to what damage they have done to society. Their crimes and misdeeds must be made known to the people and soon enough. Let's not forget, nothing like informed public supporting government's initiative for weeding out corruption.

Here we would like to use a word of caution in that in an enthusiasm to fight corruption, no innocent person should be a victim of circumstances. It is all about establishing rule of law so that due process of law is to be scrupulously adhered to.

Now it devolves upon the political parties to take a cue from the cleansing initiative and expel criminal elements from their folds.