Vol. 5 Num 956 Thu. February 08, 2007  
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ACC chief Sultan, Miah resign
Other commissioner Maniruddin decides to continue for a few more days

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Justice Sultan Hossain Khan and Commissioner Prof Maniruzzaman Miah yesterday submitted their resignations to the president, while the other Commissioner Maniruddin Ahmed said he would take some time to submit his own.

President Prof Iajuddin Ahmed accepted the resignation of Justice Sultan and Prof Prof Miah, reports UNB.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Prof Iajuddin Ahmed requested the ACC chairman and two commissioners to resign as part of the caretaker government's initiative to recast the anti-graft body.

The ACC chairman attended his office yesterday and submitted his two-line resignation letter that just mentioned his willingness to resign.

Prof Maniruzzaman Miah submitted a seven-page letter requesting the president to accept his resignation and find out who were responsible for the present condition of the ACC.

Prof Miah described his version of how the ACC was made dysfunctional and said he was not at all responsible for the situation, sources said.

Maniruddin Ahmed attended his office at Segunbagicha where he told the press in the evening, "There is no compulsion to resign today. I want to continue for some more days and then resign."

Maniruddin, who is the commissioner in charge of finance, law, prosecution and investigation, is trying to persuade the government high-ups so that he could continue his job, sources said.

"After the president requested Maniruddin and others to step down, his lobbying became meaningless," said a source close to him,

"Now he [Maniruddin] is taking time with the hope to meet the chief adviser and explain his position," a source close to him said, adding, " But after the president's request to step down, such attempts are meaningless."

Prof Maniruzzaman Miah in his letter said he did not resign in a 'normal situation' as some people started speaking indecently against the ACC commissioners after the caretaker government formed a committee to suggest recommendations for checking corruption on January 24.

The very purpose of forming the committee is being hampered and some quarters seem to have long-cherished grievances against the commissioners, he said.

The ACC could not achieve any significant success in last two years, sources quoted Prof Miah as saying in the letter.

Claiming that he himself had very little to share as responsibility for the failure, he said there was conflict between the bureaucracy and the ACC while he failed to agree with Chairman Sultan Hossain Khan and Commissioner Maniruddin on various issues.

Saying that there was lack of transparency in different affairs of the commission, he questioned the role of the chairman and commissioner.

From the very beginning, the commission took many decisions that did not comply with rules. Such wrong decisions include recruitment of manpower in violation of ACC principles and filing of cases without preparing required rules for which the ACC later faced a number of 'counter cases'.

Miah noted that just before the ACC was launched, a Nissan Sunny car was purchased but it was not clear if the authority had approved that purchase. Miah objected to this purchase and it was discussed at a meeting of the commission. However in the resolution of the meeting, this issue was written in a different way, not representing the decision of the commission. The car supplier was paid for the purchase before the commission could take the final decision.

After the ACC was formed, furniture worth Tk 7.21 lakh was procured through an opaque process. Miah sought clarification about the purchase but this clarification was never sent to the commission meeting.

Similar non-transparent method was followed in the purchase of computers and some other goods, he said in the letter.

The committee formed on January 24 gave an initial impression that it would identify the persons responsible for the ACC's present state -- but now he is almost convinced that it would not happen, he added.

It is now necessary in the interest of the nation to identify the persons responsible for the ACC's present condition, Prof Miah said.

Justice Sultan Hossain Khan (left), Prof Maniruzzaman Miah