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Team without Pilot!
Bangladesh Cricket Board has recently announced the 15-member preliminary squad for the upcoming World Cup cricket to be held in the West Indies.
Time for soul searching
It's time for deep soul searching. Recently, we became very critical against crime and corruption in our country.
Attack on Iran?
Reports indicating possible Israeli attack on the nuclear installations in Iran by using "mini nukes" look threatening to Iran.
Valuable minerals
I refer to a news item captioned 'Ex-energy adviser's hasty deals' published in the front page of The Daily Star on January 25, 2007.
Dr. Yunus
Bangladesh has been reborn with some good people steering the political vehicles for the last one month.
Truth of the matter
Just as one swallow does not make a summer, one honest politician out of twenty-five or fifty does not sanctify the practice of politics in Bangladesh.
Politicians fail
The caretaker government should take as much time to reform and establish new policies for the betterment of the people and the future of our country.
Sajib Wajed
Sajib Wajed Joy has been chosen one of the top 250 young global leaders - it is inspiring news for the people of Bangladesh.
Excesses in the name of religion
What kind of Muslims are we? What kind of Islam are we observing? A Christian business women, Jennifer Chim Yee, who is a British national went to Pakistan where a Pakistani businessman swindled
Cutting short weekend ?
Cutting short weekend? Or cutting short employees' overtime payments? It is very disappointing to see how much self centered and commercial minded our country's top businessmen are.
Save PSC
Corruption has been injected in all sectors of the government including education, health, and power.
Catch the patrons
The government should halt the execution of the pseudo-Islamic fundamentalists and instead invite the FBI to interrogate them to find out who are their backers.
A lesson for Bangladesh
The United States is considered by many as the greatest democracy on earth. At first glance, it seems so. Yet, President George W.
A great relief
I would like to say that the country was on the verge of ruination and was heading towards darkness. In a hazardous situation it was being dominated by tyrant politicians (blood suckers).
Criminalisation of politics
All criminals are not politicians but most of the politicians are criminals or corrupt. They are doing politics for money and power only, ignoring the nation's interest.
Reconstitute university syndicates
The image of the public universities has sunk unspeakably low due to appointment of Tom, Dick and Harry as members of the prestigious syndicates.
Motorcyclists in trouble
The countrywide drive by the law enforcers under the coverage of 'Emergency' has put the booming motorcycle business in disarray. The thana premises have turned into a junk area for keeping motorcycles.

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